Your R&D time is money. Accurately capture R&D hours to maximise your R&D Claim.

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Automatically populate timesheets by uploading your claim.
Integrate with Xero for payroll mapping and automate R&D wage and salary calculations.
Customize timekeeping workflows to fit your team's needs.
Manage team workflows with easy-to-use tools for review and approvals.
Substantiate your R&D tax claim quickly with tailored timesheet views.
Collaborate with R&D consultants within the platform to evaluate progress.
Create audit-ready timesheets to substantiate your claim.

The easiest way to create audit-ready records of your R&D hours.

When you optimise R&D time tracking, you’re not only creating the evidence to substantiate the wages and salaries in your claim, but you’re also providing the evidence to claim other related overheads in your business. Timesheets are the key to effective R&D tax compliance, and neglecting this statutory obligation poses a grave threat to your claim's viability and can result in ATO audit failure, fines, and penalties.

Purpose built for
innovators claiming R&D.

R&D Timesheets has been meticulously crafted for R&D Tax Incentive claimants for the sole purpose of creating audit ready timesheets quickly. Simply upload your claim and start generating compliant R&D timesheets within minutes. Uncertain about what qualifies as R&D, with R&D Timesheets you can document 'unallocated' R&D time throughout the year, then work with your consultant or advisor to allocate time accordingly at financial year end.

Maximise your R&D Claim.

R&D Timesheets will keep your team on track to ensure no hours are missed and give you visibility over your team’s R&D progress.  More eligible R&D hours recorded = more R&D Expenditure claimed.

Compliant R&D time tracking has never been easier.

Compliant R&D time tracking has never been easier.

Upload your claim to get started
Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly time tracking views
Backdate the whole financial year in minutes
Design your R&D time recording workflow
Detailed dashboards and comprehensive exports

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