Why does preparing R&D Software Claims take forever?

Why does preparing R&D Software Claims take forever?

Get a glimpse of a new tool we are launching in early 2024 to automate and simplify claim preparation for R&D software clients.

Evan Barker
Synnch CEO
Why does preparing R&D Software Claims take forever?

The time consuming and largely manual process of compiling evidence to prepare software claims within the R&D tax incentive scheme is arguably the key issue facing the R&D tax industry at present, and the main reason R&D software claims take forever! With an estimated 65-70% of all R&D tax incentive claims involving software activities this pain is felt by all industry stakeholders, including the regulators. However, none know this pain more intimately than R&D Consultants who are often left with the manual task of compiling their software client's claims from a mountain of unstructured records from platforms like Jira.

You are spending too much time sifting through Jira issues and tickets manually.

The first problem lies in the painful task of manual ticket analysis. You can imagine the stress of having to tackle an enormous digital pile of individual tickets and issues, each documenting a specific aspect of the software development process and match these with one or more R&D activity. These tickets can vary widely in content from bug fixes and routine updates to potential R&D-related activities.

There seems to be no alternative but to handle tickets individually, especially in larger teams with large ticket volumes. Our friend Chris Samios Founder at Digital Makers pointed out that on larger projects, the ticket count can escalate to tens of thousands. While valuable and exciting R&D tax incentive opportunities often arise in such projects, the practical challenge for many R&D Consultants is that delivering such work could place a considerable burden on your already under-resourced team.

You are getting lost trying to decipher R&D context in Jira tickets.

After pinpointing your R&D records, you encounter the challenging task of manually analysing their relevance when synthesising the technical narrative for your client’s R&D tax claim. To do so, you are delving into technical intricacies, deciphering information, and condensing it into a coherent and concise summary. It demands a huge mental load and is a huge soak on your billable time.

Exciting News

To solve this problem, we have teamed up with some of Australia’s best R&D Consultants software developers, and software RDTI claimants to create an exciting new industry tool. The new Synnch Jira Module will sort and match your client's Jira issues and tickets with the core and supporting activities in their claim, and automatically analyse the context of tickets in a matter of seconds, thanks to the power of our new R&D tax-specific Artificial Intelligence.

Our new tool will be available in early 2024 after our Launch Events in Queensland. If you’re an R&D Consultant or Software Developer, we would love to have you come along, give you a hands-on experience of the new tool, connect, and celebrate the launch of something new!

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