How Brewers Can Use Synnch to claim the R&D Tax Incentive

How Brewers Can Use Synnch to claim the R&D Tax Incentive

Case Study on Revel Brewing Co and how they implement Synnch in their brewing process.

Evan Barker
Synnch CEO
How Brewers Can Use Synnch to claim the R&D Tax Incentive

Company Overview

Revel Brewing is a renowned craft brewery located in Bulimba, Brisbane. Founded by Jay Neven, Revel Brewing is dedicated to producing exceptional craft beers that push the boundaries of taste and innovation.

Revel Brewing Co's Rivermakers Location in Brisbane, Queensland


Before implementing Synnch, Revel Brewing faced significant challenges in managing its Research and Development (R&D) records. These records were scattered across multiple platforms, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of streamlined processes. Retrieving evidence of R&D activities for tax claims was a time-consuming and arduous task, often requiring lengthy video calls and extensive back-and-forth communication with their R&D consultant.


Synnch provided Revel Brewing with a consolidated platform to manage their R&D projects and activities efficiently. With Synnch, they could record R&D-specific timesheets, calculate R&D overheads in real time, and forecast R&D tax offsets for better tax planning. The platform simplified the process of recording and tracking R&D activities, allowing Revel Brewing to maintain accurate records throughout the financial year.

Implementation Process

The Synnch team collaborated closely with Revel Brewing's R&D consultant to seamlessly integrate R&D projects and activities into the platform. Revel Brewing's team members embraced Synnch as part of their beer development process, enabling each team member to capture R&D records regularly and effortlessly in an organised and streamlined workflow.

Revel's Jay Neven (left) and Matthew Cuthert (middle) with our CEO Evan Barker (right)


• Significant reduction in time wasted on searching for and chasing up team members for R&D records.

• Improved accuracy in recording R&D timesheets and expenses.

• Streamlined workflows and better collaboration between team members and the R&D consultant.

• Enhanced insights and forecasting capabilities for tax planning purposes.

Key Takeaways

• Synnch provides a simple and effective solution for breweries like Revel Brewing to manage their R&D activities.

• The platform facilitates innovation by providing a structured approach to R&D management.

• Seamless integration into existing workflows ensures widespread adoption and understanding among team members.


"Products like Synnch help us stay innovative while providing a structured approach for reflection and assessment. Fundamentally, it allows us to have a single point for records. It has also allowed us to have a process to follow throughout the entire year that is repeatable and that everyone in my team understands."

– Jay Neven, Founder & CEO of Revel Brewing Company


With Synnch, Revel Brewing Co has overcome its R&D management challenges, achieving efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. By streamlining their R&D record-keeping, Revel Brewing can focus on crafting exceptional beers. Synnch optimises financial management and fosters innovation and accountability. As Revel Brewing continues to innovate, Synnch remains a reliable partner for optimising R&D efforts and audit-readiness.

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