Meet our new partner manager

Meet our new partner manager

Introducing Nikki Borgon

Nikki Borgon
Partner Manager
Meet our new partner manager
From navigating the intricate world of Swiss banking to mastering the art of flying helicopters, conquering snowy peaks with her snowboard and riding the waves like a pro surfer and, Nikki has always embraced life's thrilling challenges. 💼🚁🌊

As she sets her sights on this exciting new chapter in her career, we can't help but wonder:

Q. Among all your incredible adventures, which experience has been the most unexpected source of inspiration for your work as a Partner Manager?

Surfing has in recent years been the most profound source of inspiration. It has taught me invaluable lessons in adaptability, patience and embracing uncertainty. Much like the ever-changing ocean, the business landscape, particularly within the realm of startups can be unpredictable. In regard to my work as a Partner Manager, this translates into a dynamic and agile approach, enabling me to navigate challenges with confidence and seek innovative solutions, ultimately fostering successful partnerships and driving positive outcomes for the organisation.

"Yes, this is actually me!" - taken by Andy Morris - 18seconds

Q. How do you believe your background in Swiss banking uniquely equips you to understand and address the needs of our diverse clientele?

My background in Swiss banking equips me with a diverse skill set and a keen understanding of managing high and ultra-high-net-worth clients, especially from highly regulated environments. This experience to work with these most demanding clients hones my ability to discern distinct needs, ensure compliance and deliver tailored solutions. It uniquely equips me to comprehend and cater to the diverse and sophisticated needs of our clientele, fostering trust and satisfaction in our partnerships.

Q. Your journey is filled with fascinating twists and turns. What has been the most valuable lesson you've learned, and how will it impact your approach this new role?

Indeed, my journey has been filled with unexpected twists and turns that have led me to where I am today. The most valuable lesson I've learned throughout this adventure is the importance of adaptability and embracing change with an open mind. While my initial plan was to become a commercial helicopter pilot, circumstances, including the pandemic, steered me in a different direction, ultimately bringing me to Australia. Despite the deviation from my original aspirations, I have come to embrace and love this new path that life has presented me with.

This valuable lesson has taught me resilience and flexibility to navigate uncharted territories, viewing challenges as growth opportunities and embracing unexpected chances.  I'm excited to apply this mindset in my new role, leveraging the ever-evolving business landscape to foster innovation and success, deliver exceptional results and drive positive impact within Synnch.

"Get to the chopper!" - Nikki flying with Mountain Flyers in Switzerland

Q. As you step into your new role what excites you the most about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

What excites me the most is being part of a small startup. The dynamic nature and potential for growth make it truly fascinating. Due to the size, I have the opportunity to make a direct impact on our subscribers and partners. If I want to make a change, it's possible immediately. The exciting culture of a startup promises a journey filled with growth, learning and the ability to make a real difference.

We have every confidence that Nikki’s passion, combined with her wealth of experience, will continue deliver exceptional results for our partners.  Welcome Nikki!

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