Choosing the Right Tool: A Comparison of Synnch R&D Timesheets and Replicon

Choosing the Right Tool: A Comparison of Synnch R&D Timesheets and Replicon

Are you recommending the right R&D time-tracking tool to your clients?

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Choosing the Right Tool: A Comparison of Synnch R&D Timesheets and Replicon

For R&D Consultants, we know that recommending an appropriate solution for R&D time tracking for clients is paramount.   To ensure smooth calculations and analysis for Claim preparation precision and efficiency is essential, particular for R&D practices with large client bases. Let's delve into a comparative analysis to identify the main differences between these two solutions.


Synnch R&D Timesheets

Synnch R&D Timesheets is purpose-built for tracking R&D-specific time against projects and activities. It is specialised in catering to the unique requirements of R&D time tracking and recordkeeping, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax incentive reporting.


Replicon offers a broader scope, catering to various purposes such as invoicing, productivity tracking, and project management. While it provides time tracking functionalities, its focus is mostly outside of R&D-specific requirements.

Time sheet framework

Synnch R&D Timesheets

Synnch offers a tailored time sheeting framework designed specifically for R&D time tracking. It provides features that allow users to record time against specific R&D projects and activities, ensuring granularity and accuracy in time allocation.  It’s simple for teams to use, but robust for the purposes of R&DTI time-recording


Replicon provides a flexible time sheeting framework suitable for diverse business needs. It’s great for tracking staff productivity and seeing where teams can be While it offers customisable timesheets, its focus is not solely on R&D-specific time tracking but encompasses a broader range of use cases.


Synnch R&D Timesheets

Specialised R&D Time Tracking: Synnch R&D Timesheets is specifically designed for tracking R&D-specific time against projects and activities. Its specialised focus ensures accuracy and compliance with tax incentive reporting.

Automated Data Extraction: Synnch automates the extraction of accurate data in the right structure, reducing the time spent piecing together time sheeting from multiple apps and locations when comes time for claim preparation. This feature streamlines the claim preparation process and minimises errors.

Custom Reporting Tools: Synnch offers comprehensive reporting tools tailored to R&D tax incentive requirements. These tools simplify claim preparation and enhance compliance by providing detailed insights into R&D time allocation and expenditure.

Reminders and Workflow Automation: Synnch includes features for automated reminders and workflow automation, ensuring timely submission of timesheets and adherence to R&D time tracking protocols. This functionality improves efficiency and accountability within the R&D team.

Retrospective Time recording: If you are recommending R&D Timesheets to a client midway through the financial year, our retrospective tool offers a seamless transition from traditional Excel templates. It enables your client to swiftly catch up on recording their R&D time. Subsequently, they can seamlessly continue to contemporaneously document their R&D activities moving forward through an R&D specific framework against R&D projects and activities


Time & Billing: Replicon offers robust capabilities for tracking time, expenses, managing resources, and billing clients. This comprehensive functionality makes it an excellent tool for efficient project management and invoicing.

Project Costing: With Replicon, you can effectively manage projects and allocate costs to resources. This feature enables optimisation of project budgets and resource utilisation, enhancing overall project management.

Time Off: Replicon automates and enforces all time-off policies, simplifying the management of employee absences. This feature ensures compliance with company policies and regulations while streamlining time-off management for both employees and administrators.

Time & Attendance: Replicon streamlines the time and attendance process, automating tracking of employee hours, attendance, and overtime. It serves as a valuable tool for getting visibility over workforce productivity and efficiency.

The verdict

While both Synnch R&D Timesheets and Replicon offer sophisticated time tracking solutions, their focus and features differ significantly. Synnch R&D Timesheets excels in providing specialised R&D time tracking functionalities, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax incentive reporting.

On the other hand, Replicon offers a broader scope of features suitable for diverse business needs outside of an R&D-specific requirements. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs and priorities of your business.

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