You do the R&D. We’ll do the rest.

Focus on what you do best and rely on Synnch to optimise your claim and benefits so you can get a better return, stay compliant and maximise your team’s productivity.


Increase your claim by up to 25%

By improving the frequency and quality of information collected throughout the reporting period, Synnch helps optimise your claim and get more money back.


Stay compliant every step of the way

We designed Synnch to streamline compliant lodgement, so you don’t have to retrospectively create R&D project data. Your projects are managed and recorded online with Synnch as they are completed.


Maximise your team’s productivity

Synnch reduces the time it takes to capture compliant R&D project data by approximately 40%, meaning greater productivity within your team and less time stuck recording and reporting.

With Synnch, R&D tracking is simple

Integrated, intuitive & streamlined approach to undertaking your
research & development.

Track and predict your expenditure in your project dashboard

Export your project and expenditure reports at any time

Our dashboard system integrates with Xero seamlessly

Easily upload supporting material for your projects

Our dashboard comes with access for up to 50 users

Receive monthly check-ins to ensure everything is running smoothly and your reporting is up to date.

We'll provide your team with onboarding training to get you up and running.

We'll keep you ahead of the ball by giving you weekly reminders.

Our portal provides livechat support so you can count on us for anything you need.

By improving the frequency & quality of your reporting, Synnch can increase your claim by up to 25%.

Synnch reduces the time to capture compliant information by approximately 40%.

Synnch optimises your project information for compliant lodgement.

With more control over your R&D, on average you'll save less than half the price of the equivalent claim management and lodgement with a Tax or R&D consultant.


Already have a consultant? We love teamwork!

Our toolkit was designed in collaboration with accountants, R&D consultants and businesses. By using Synnch, your R&D consultant will be able to easily manage your projects and cash-flow in real time. They’ll also be able to remotely prompt you to create projects and provide advice along the way.

We’re R&D Experts

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