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Part 1 | Innovation insights: the inside story of how R&D is transforming Australian businesses

The team at Synnch lives and breathes R&D. We understand the importance of innovation in driving change for your organisation and differentiating it from the pack.

Over the next three months, we will be speaking to a number of Australian founders, innovators, and business owners who inherently understand that there is no such thing as a constant market. Our aim in this series will be to take you through the journey from innovation to finished product, from ideation to commercialisation. The goal is to provide those businesses on the R&D journey insights from an assortment of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, backyard tinkerers through to corporate leaders. The combined thread with this series is that each of the people interviewed have successfully taken a product to market following a comprehensive R&D process. They now are at the endpoint, having created something that pushed the needle a little bit forward in their respective industries.

In the first part of our series, we had the opportunity to speak to Neil Davidson, Founder and Design Director of leading industrial design firm, Clandestine Group.

Neil and the team at the Clandestine Group operate under the credo that business today is a battle. They play a critical role in assisting companies to navigate this battlefield through the ability to combine industry experience with market research and a tailored innovation strategy. This enables Clandestine Group to design and deliver creative, commercially focused next-generation products, services, and experiences to the marketplace.

Clandestine Group exists due to shifting consumer needs, technological changes, and evolving competition, providing the impetus for businesses to be adaptable and agile. They need firms like Clandestine Group to help them make the leap to become innovators rather than followers. That’s because of the simple fact, a sustainable business is an innovative business.

For Neil, it is about empowering businesses to have a massive impact that is driven by a simple insight – that there is a clear difference between invention and innovation. One, an invention is not useful, whilst innovation is. To learn about the difference between the two and how Neil and the team at Clandestine Group assist companies in beginning their innovation journey click here.

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