A workflow management system for R&D Tax Consultants.

Deliver simple recordkeeping compliance for your clients.
Manage your R&D team from any device.
Prepare and review evidence-based R&D tax lodgement.

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Introducing assisted contemporaneous recordkeeping.

Dynamic surveys and intuitive forms help your clients establish and record projects and experiments within a structured framework. Xero seamlessly integrates and synchronises expenditure tracking for a truly contemporaneous record.

A simple, monthly compliance regime your clients will actually use.

Simple, monthly workflows guide your clients through a systematic progression of work to help them meet recordkeeping obligations. Interactive benefits, ratings and forecasts reward users and encourages friendly team competition.

Measure compliance across your whole client base visually.

With our compliance traffic light system, you can visualise R&D compliance achievement across your entire client base or R&D Team. The system will rate and rank your clients by R&D project each month, then send automated alerts so you can direct your team resources effectively.

Perfect for really big, or really small.

Support 1 to 50 users per client instance and put group entities into common dashboards for consolidated reports. Design custom experiment surveys and compliance workflows tailored to match your clients’ exact research programs and QA requirements. Manage permissions across multiple entities and sites.

Develop evidence-based project descriptions in less time.

Collaborate in a dynamic workspace that populates automatically with the project and experiment data captured by your clients each month. Flag and export experiments to the form, then securely edit to prepare your clients’ evidence for lodgement.

Collaborate with your team using live comments and track changes. Then, submit your changes for revision and signoff with your client. Create custom QA and internal audit workflows to satisfy your QA framework, then visualise your workflow in interactive charts.

Take the guess work out of expenditure calculation.

Identify, track and allocate your clients’ eligible expenditure progressively using the updated Synnch Xero integration software. Map your clients’ general ledgers to call only the GL codes you wish to appear in Synnch. Automatically populate an intuitive P&L style user interface as your clients track their expenditures.

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